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Course Curriculum

• Understand the Supply Chain And Logistics
• Role of Performance Measurement and modeling in SCM
• Need of Performance Measurement in SCM
Review And Classification: Supply Chain Performance Measurement Approaches
• Introduction of SCPM
• Evaluation of SCPM
• Types of Measurement System:
a. Function-based Systems (FBMS)
b. Dimension-based Systems (DBMS)
c. Hierarchical-based Systems (HBMS)
d. Interface-based Systems (IBMS)
e. Perspective-based Systems (PBMS)
f. Efficiency-based Systems (EBMS)
g. SC Operations Reference Model (SCOR)
h. SC Balanced Scorecard (SCBS)
i. Generic Systems (GPMS) Performance
• Traditional Vs Innovative PMS
Supply Chain Metrics and Drivers
• Introduction of Supply Chain Metrics
• Financial Measures of Performance
• Drivers of Supply Chain Performance and Framework:
a. Facility
b. Inventory
c. Transportation
d. Information
e. Sourcing
f. Pricing
Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment
• CPFR: Application, Benefits & Implications
• What is Forecasting and its importance
• Analytical Methods Used in Forecasting
• Forecasting Techniques :
a. Quantity Approaches of Forecasting
b. Qualitative Approaches of Forecasting
c. Forecasting Accuracy and Trend Projection
d. Regression Analysis in Forecasting
A Framework- Measuring Performance in Supply Chain
• Introduction of the Framework
• Supply Chain Measures in Framework:
a. Customer Perspective
b. Financial Perspective
c. Internal Business Process Perspective
d. Innovation and Learning Perspective
e. Supply Chain - Internal Vision
f. Supply chain-Customer/External Vision
• SCM Performance Measurement Models
• SCOR in Detail
• SCOR Game
• Implementation Plan of a Performance Measurement System
Supply Chain Modeling and Simulation
• What is Supply Chain Modeling
• Algorithms in SCM
• Simulations
Performance Measurement in SCM – Reverse Logistics
• Reverse Logistics and its introduction
• Need of Reverse Logistics in Supply Chain
• Performance Measurement in Reverse Logistics
• Benefits of Effective Reverse Logistics in supply chain
  • 1,000.00
  • 2 weeks, 1 day

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