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Assessment Services

assesment Services

Assessment Services

More organisations are recognising that they need to continually up-skill employees with new competencies to enable them to undertake new or existing roles and responsibilities more effectively.

The challenge to organisations is to identify where those skills gap exist, what training is required and approach training in a holistic and, more importantly, cost-effective way that actually meets objectives and also provides the individuals and organisations with a return on investment.

At Safeducate, we believe that to assess the gaps between knowledge, skills and attitudes of people that they currently possess and that they actually require in order to meet an organisation's objectives should be a continuous process for any organisation’s critical goal achievement process. Keeping in mind these needs, Safeducate offers innovative and unique solutions that simplify the way companies conduct their talent assessment initiatives. From a comprehensive 360-degree feedback review to a 180-degree functional capability assessment, team assessments and employee engagement surveys, Safeducate creates smart tools to engage the participants, streamline the process and deliver exceptional and meaningful reports and insights. 

The ability to identify areas to be addressed will strengthen the organisation and its people and in subsequent years, enable it to view improvement and note where progress is still needed.



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